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About Toast City Diner of Red Bank


Amy Russo Harrigan first opened Toast in Montclair, NJ in May of 2007 with the idea of creating a welcoming, relaxed environment where day-diners could experience honest, authentic food and attentive, professional service. That same goal carried over to her second restaurant, in downtown Asbury Park, which opened it’s doors in July, 2011.


Both of our locations quickly became their town’s “go-to” spot for breakfast, lunch, and that magical time in-between known as brunch. And now it's time for Toast in Red Bank. On any given day (but especially on Sundays) our dining rooms are filled with an eclectic mix of families, businesspeople, artists, musicians, travelers, and locals. Regulars feel like family, and first-time visitors are welcomed like new friends. And in the midst of it all, Amy can still be found weaving between tables and laughing with customers, pulling an espresso behind the bar, or flipping the occasional pancake behind the line.


At Toast we have a pretty simple mantra: Peace, Love, Pancakes. And to us it’s not just a cute catchphrase that looks good on a T-shirt. It’s a philosophy that says that when we combine great food with a great staff and a great attitude, we can become more than just another restaurant – we can become part of a community. That’s what Toast has done in our other locations, and now we get to do it again in Red Bank.

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